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Neither the management of KMAS, nor its security department is responsible for the information given here. The volunteers of KMAS try to assist in the care and placement of the animals housed in the Shelter.

All the funds gathered by the volunteer team are spent on medicine, food, toys and others. If you’d like to help Shelter animals, you may go to How You Can Help or contact the volunteer group (Contact Us).


Very Beautiful Dog of Rottweiler and Husky mix was brought to KMAS

This blue-eyed dog named Dick was brought to the Shelter not very long time ago. Probably, he used to live at home but was lost. Dick is male, about 3 years old, tender, calm and socially motivated. He is trained and loves people very much. He’ll be your devoted companion forever. If you’d like to adopt him, please, call 8-985-186-60-76.


Snezhok has found his home!

The most beautiful dog of the "C" Sector was adopted yesterday. We're so happy!


Medvezhonok was taken home!

On Saturday black-colored female dog was taken to her new home. At first she was afraid and didn’t want to leave the cage but tasty liver pieces were so tempting that finally she decided to go out and followed a package with the delicacies till getting in a car.


Puppies in the Shelter.

There are a lot of puppies of different size and color in KMAS. It’s very difficult for them to live in the Shelter. They are waiting for their new families. And we are seeking for new owners!!!! If you want to get more information about Shelter puppies, please, do not hesitate to contact us.


Zyuka was happily adopted!

Today Zyuka was taken home. She didn't worry and liked her new owner. We hope that everything will be all right!!!! We believe that all other Shelter dogs will at last be adopted by loving parents.