Снуфф на передержке
Снуфф на передержке

Рост примерно 55 см в холке. Кастрирован. Пугливый, не агрессивный, проявляет интерес к
человеку. Требует социализации. К поводку почти приучен.

Чип 643110800029661
Дата рождения 01.03.2017 г.
В приюте с 07.07.2017 г.

8-903-208-37-76 Яна
8-916-758-92-83 Наталья

Snoof is a modest and very shy dog. He is not aggressive at all. However, Snoof is a little bit afraid of new people. It takes some time for him to get use to the new situation. Snoof’s trust should be owned.

Volunteers work on Snoof’s socialization, and he is getting better every day. We believe that this dog has a beautiful personality. He just need a little bit of time to learn that he can trust people around. Volunteers train Snoof to walk on leash and he is doing very well already.

Snoof was born in March 2017
He was put in the shelter in June 2017

Snoof is healthy, has all necessary injections, neutered

His Chip # is 643110800029661

Should you have any question please contact Jana (Jane_U) in the forum or call/text 8-903-208-3776 or Natalia 8(916)758-92-83 (Natina).

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Снуф на поводке гуляет аккуратно, оглядываясь, идёт позади или рядом. Поводок не тянет.

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