How to Adopt
Dear prospective Owners,

Our dogs leave the shelter vaccinated (rabies, distemper, some others) and neutered/spayed. Prior to adoption the dog will be wormed and receive pet passport, so you have full set of documents necessary to cross the border.

Our volunteers will fill out governmental papers (in Russian) necessary to release the dog from animal shelter and provide Adoption Contract for you to sign (sample of a Contract you will find here). He/she will stays in contact with you, assists you with the dog care while in Russia and prepares all necessary papers for the dog.

Our volunteers can arrange the following services (some are free of charge; some have fees from the third-party providers that are passed on you):

  • notifying your airline that you’ll be travelling with the pet (unless you’ve already done it);
  • placing your dog in private shelter while you explore Russia;
  • arranging vet care if necessary (on top of what’s required for travel documents);
  • arrange training and socialization of your dog (some dogs are very shy, and some lack basic training);
  • deliver your dog to Airport;
  • oversee your departure and assist you with arranging the payment for the dog ticket and exchanging the vet document that you have for the actual pet travel document (it’s done when you register for your flight).

There are several ways how you can adopt a dog from Russia.

- If you plan to visit Russia, please let us know – we will be glad to assist you with visa, hotel stay, travel advice. We will provide transportation to the shelter, explain what to expect while visiting the shelter and on-site assistance.
You can take your dog with you right away, or come several times to choose the one you really like.
We have 30 hundreds dogs to choose from, yes, it’s not a mistake - 30 hundreds dogs in one place each one waiting for that special owner that may be you! Please note that some of our dogs never travelled in the car, so keep pet diapers handy (pet tissues are sold in every pet store, or our volunteers can buy it for you).

- You can choose a dog from our catalogue, and we will tell you as much information about this dog as possible.
If you think this dog is what you are looking for (if you are ready to save a dog from his present living conditions and become a caring owner), we will prepare the dog for travel to your country. You indicate air carrier of your choice (unless you want our staff to choose it for you) and pay for your dog travel ticket.
Specific Airlines requirements for pet travel are posted on their web sites. Pets usually travel as cargo in appropriate size cages/carriers. Pet ticket ranges from $100-$175 depending on size of the dog.
Soft pet carriers are not allowed. The compartment for pets is air-conditioned, heated and pressure-controlled. We have good experience with pet travel. You are responsible for your dog travel expenses.
Our staff will arrange your pet travel in the least expensive way. You’ll be provided with the bill indicating what you are paying for. You will pick up your pet at his destination point. In some cases it’s possible to find a person willing to accompany your pet on the flight, oversee custom procedures and even deliver your pet to your house. It’s usually one of our “adoptive parents” willing to help “other adoptive parents”. Let us know and we’ll look for such person.

- If you are hesitating to go to Russia, we have a "transfer point" in Latvia (EU): no need of visa, accommodation is much more affordable, the city is very compact with no hustle. We will transport your furry friend to Latvia, and from there you will start your way back home together.

Just think about what we see:

- A puppy that was born in a shelter or caught on the street at a very young age and has never seen anything in his life than a small uncomfortable cage…

- Nondescript mix of a doggie hiding among other dogs, too shy to be noticed and with zero chance of being adopted…

- An old toothless doggy with joints aching from sleeping on raw boards that can no longer chew cheap hard shelter’s food …

They all deserve our best effort to find a home they can call their own, a person they can dedicate their lives to, a world that will welcome them.

We do hope that information we provided encourages you to take action and share the warmth of your home with a furry friend from Russia.

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